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September 11th, 2017

After a well deserved summer recess, the HiFi Critics are back discussing Apple, Vinyl and the Cubs.

Track 1: Apple recently bowed to the wishes of the Chinese government, which wants to monitor its citizens. For a company that prides itself on user security, why would Apple not take a stand for one of their core beliefs? Could it be the immortal grab of the cash?? Yup. And we discuss which company will be the first to reach the irrelevant milestone of a one trillion dollar market cap.


Track 2: Hickory Street Group, the community development organization of the low energy Chicago Cubs ownership group, recently cut a backroom deal in plain sight to receive special treatment for a prohibition era law that prevents liquor manufacturers from advertising at taprooms. Why did Tom Tunney sell out the Wrigleyville bros?


Track 3: Big Star taco joint in Wicker Park, a favorite of hipster and post-hipsters in a 3 mile radius, announced that they are starting a music label to publish their favorite local metal artists. Is this a sure sign of the apocalypse or just the neighborhood of big egos? We also suggest alternate retail brands who might be next to start a music label.

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