The HiFi Critics

A grassroots group of action oriented citizens. National, Chicago and vinyl topics discussed by the sharpest minds and hardest talk.


red-sirenBe careful!  You’re entering the Splashlist Zone!

The Splashlist Zone is the area where you are in the target of our Critics to place you on a splashlist. You don’t want to be here because the next logical life event is getting soaked to the bone with by a Ford F-150 hatchback driving down North Avenue after a cool autumn downpour!

Could the puddle be avoided? 🙂

A splashlist is a list of people where if you were driving down the road and saw a  large puddle that you could choose to avoid, but would rather not to because there’s a person within splash range that you want to purposely soak with a muddy, smelly shower of drain water. There would be no repercussions because you borrowed our intern A.C. Slater’s suburban for the trip to Menards.

With that as the picture, we invite you to review and create your own splashlists:

  • People
    • Musicians
    • Politicians
    • Weather People
  • Things
    • Vinyl Albums



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