The HiFi Critics

A grassroots group of action oriented citizens. National, Chicago and vinyl topics discussed by the sharpest minds and hardest talk.

2017 Splashlist Awards

Think that you know what happened in 2017? Our accused panel of HiFi Critics unloads on the biggest, the best and the most tremendous answers of everything that happened in 2017.

We discuss the national, Chicago and vinyl topics that defined what 2017 was:

  1. Biggest Winner 2017
  2. Biggest Loser 2017
  3. Defining Political Moment
  4. Sorry to see you go
  5. Boldest Prediction
  6. Best Government Spending
  7. Worst Government Spending
  8. Best Album Purchased
  9. Worst Album Purchased
  10. Breakthrough Band 2018
  11. Splashlist of the Year
  12. Cashgrab of the Year

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